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Here are some articles about animals that I think are fun, funny, or informative!

Kennedy Legacy Extends to Pets

Why Fight Puppy Mills?

Man Sues over "Unique" Value of Chihuahua|classic|dl1|link6|

Man Jumps into Ocean to Save Dog|classic|dl2|link4|  

Birds Use Tools

Dogs in America: Pampered and Proud of It

Slight rise in Economy spurs puppy fever

What happens to pets when your child leaves home?

Dog Nurses Two Red Pandas at Zoo in China

Officials Encourage Keeping your Pets Cool This Summer

Pets Only Airline

Living with shame-Missouri fed up with reputation as puppy mill state

Dogs can read emotion in human faces

AKC Warns Against Impulse Dog Purchases

Shedd Aquarium rescues dogs and trains them like a dolphin or whale,0,131273.story

Is your dog too fat?

Pet Custody Battles after Divorce

Busy Dogs Will Bark Less

Survey Shows People Won't Evacuate without their Pets

Disaster Preparedness

Dog's Tongue Amputated After Chewing a Ball

How Smart is Your Dog?

Is Your Dog an Introvert or an Extrovert?

Cancer Test Patient -- with a wet nose

Stem Cell Treatment for Pets,8599,1817572,00.html?imw=Y

Rattlesnake Vaccine

Adverse Reactions to ProMeris Flea and Tick Control

Puppy born without Front Legs uses Wheels to get Around 6/23/08

The Sound of Fear: Noise Phobias Torment Dogs 6/23/08

Dogs Eating Nutro Pet Food May Become Ill and Die 6/23/08

DNA Study Unlocks Mystery to Diverse Traits in Dogs 6/23/08

Genes Explain why Chihuahuas are so High Strong 6/23/08

Reading your Dog 6/10/08

Woman turns her Home into a Reward Poster after Pets are Stolen 6/6/08

Dogs are Part of the Fire Team 6/1/08

Prison Puppies 6/1/08

Dog Lovers and Cars 5/29/08

Who Gets Custody of the Dog? 5/28/08

Size Matters at the Dog Park 5/6/08

Animals are "stuck in time" with little idea of the past or future 4/29/08

Children with dogs have better immune systems 4/29/08,21985,23615802-5005961,00.html

Do pet stores sell puppy mill dogs?,0,7196463.story

Adopt black dogs! 4/24/08

Does that puppy have a return policy? 4/2208

Help put puppy mill operators put of business 4/22/08

Cloned "sniffer" dogs 4/21/08

High Chemical Levels found in Dogs and Cats 4/17/08

Oprah and Puppy Mills 4/7/08

Celebrities and their Dogs 4/4/08

Dogs allowed in Italian Museums 3/19/08

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